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Lyme Bay Blast

DCIM100GOPROThese RIB Blasts are only available to book online and run at set times.

Our ‘Lyme Bay Blast’ is one of the fastest rides on the water!  Experience for yourself the truly AWESOME speed and handling of  a RIB, nothing comes close to the feeling you’ll get as we head along the coast at full throttle. This trip gives a full 1/4hr at sea and covers up to 6miles depending on the sea conditions.

Please book for this trip. Certain restrictions may apply. MINIMUM AGE 5YRS OLD

The Lyme Bay Blast is amazing value too! £17 per person and £15 for under 12s! allow 30mins for this trip.

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Gentle Coastal Cruise

Millions of years of history in 30mins

Our half hour coastal cruise takes in ALL of the stunning, iconic views and scenery and offers you photo opportunities all along the Jurassic Coast, The Cobb Wall to Golden Cap or Monmouth Beach and Charlton Bay. This excursion is becoming extremely popular with its suitability for nearly all the family.

This is the perfect way to see just how amazing the Dorset and Devon coastline and cliffs really are!

30 minutes at sea offers enough time to view up to 16 miles of coast and millions of years of history!

Outstanding value at only £19 per person and £17 for under 12s.

please allow 45mins for this trip.


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